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Strategy war games have been existent for a long time now and regular modifications have been made to enhance the experience. New 1000 AD is an ideal online destination where people can play games with people from different parts of the world to have a scintillating gaming experience.

Online gaming has become very popular in the modern day. There are different genres in gaming and strategy is one of the most popular one. New 1000 AD is an online destination which was existent for the last eight years under the name 1000 AD. With the upgrade in the old code of the website, it has been launched under this advanced name. The game on this website dates back to centuries and provides a scintillating experience for players. Individuals can relive history in this free online multiplayer turn based strategy war game which is also a text based game . They can lead some of history's most famous civilizations of medieval times into war.

Over the New 1000 AD website, gamers can enjoy two different games each is turn based strategy . Of them, the standard is a 28 day round which turns coming every nine minutes. Blitz is another one which is a 21 day round with turns coming every three minutes. Players have the option of choosing from among the different civilizations such as the Vikings, Byzantines, Chinese, Japanese, Zulu, Barbarians, Incas, Franks, Turks and the Mongols. Each has their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. The online multiplayer aspect of the strategy war game makes players use their strategic thinking skills. Their diplomatic skills and guile against live players. Individuals can wage online battles against people from different parts of the world.

New 1000 AD website offers great graphics and a feeling of being in a real life war zone. The continuous action in the game will regularly keep the players' heart pumping. On the text based game , creating different strategies to overpower the rivals will be fun. New graphics have been added to the website to increase player gaming experience. Other things added on the website include chat box, training alliances, flags to represent players' country, etc. Over the website, players can read the forums with a lot of tutorials and also video tutorials to understand the game better.

Players can build alliances, declare wars and produce an economy based around wood, iron food and gold. The object of the strategy war game is to lead a medieval civilization from a small empire to the top of the leader board. Players can also win by attacking their opponents into submission or exploring past them in this text based game . To play this game, people can visit http://www.new1000ad.com and have a fun gaming like never before.



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